Hoppi with one bomb.

Lore Edit

The playable character is a yellow box named Hoppi.

Gameplay features Edit

Player 2

Hoppi with one bomb left.

Player 3

Hoppi with no bomb left.

Hoppi is a yellow square that cannot move at all. The only way to move in the game is to shoot bombs that explode and push the nearby objects. The player has to shoot to the nearest wall or ground, using the explosion recoil impulse to move in the wanted direction.

In the first 4 levels (Noob, Notch, Choice and Stairs) the player has infinite ammo in order to learn the gameplay basics.

Starting from level 5 (Flappy), the ammunition mechanic is introduced. Each level has a fixed number of ammunition, shown with squares above the player. The number of squares indicates the number of ammo provided to complete the level.

Each square is filled with a colored circle, representing a bullet. There are two types of bullet, orange and red, with different properties. Each shot will consume a bullet, starting from the left.

When the player has no ammunition left, he cannot interact anymore. He either has to wait for a moving object in the level to do something, or he can use the reset key to restart the level.

Each level has a door and is completed when the character touches it.

Funny feature : Hoppi is always looking towards the door, unless the cursor is close enough and Hoppi starts looking at it.

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