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=== <u>'''Level list'''</u> ===
=== <u>'''Level list'''</u> ===
There are 48 levels in the game until 18/11/2019. The list of levels are as follows:
There are 48 levels in the game right now (18/11/2019). The list of levels is :
[[Level 1-20]]
[[Level 1-20]]

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General informations


A picture showing the first level in the game: 'Noob'. The yellow square is the character, the grey square is a typical block, and the green square is a door.

In, the game is a succession of levels. There are currently 48 levels in the game right now, and the amount is expected to increase in the future. Follow Julien Mourer on Twitter or join the community on discord to be notified about the updates.

Composition of a level

A level consists of the following structure:

-A door representing the objective and the win condition. Each level has a door.

-typical block

-bouncy block

-Fire block

-crunchy block

-ice block


A typical finishing page shown after the player finished a level.

How to finish a level

Mainly, bombs are used to move the character or the door towards each other. When the character touches the door, the level is completed.

Level list

There are 48 levels in the game right now (18/11/2019). The list of levels is :

Level 1-20

Level 21-40

Level 41-48

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