Level 1: Noob: The second easiest level.

Level 2: Notch: Another very easy level that allows measurement of how far you travel with one bomb at once.

Level 3: Choice: Choose wisely?


Level 4: Stairs: In this level you are required to master the ways of diagonal travel. Spamming bombs also helps less than usual.

Level 5: Flappy: The first level to limit your bomb count. It is recommended to not waste them.

Level 6: Slippery: A level where you have to time your bomb well so you reach the door.

Level 7: Ice: This level is completed by carefully exploding yourself to the icy platform, else you'll go too fast and fly behind the 2nd platform.

Level 8: Mountain: You are given 2 bombs to climb a mountain.

Level 9: Double Jump: Almost the same as Mountain.

Level 10: Sanic: More ice, more fun.

Level 11: Mind the Gap: Specifically this level teaches you that you can accelerate your Hoppi with two bombs on the same platform. That technique is usable on Sanic.

Level 12: Pinball: Gambling is bad.

Level 13: Crumbly floors: Strategy: watch your step.

Level 14: Box: Getkey forgot breathing holes so we must deal with it.

Level 15: Breakable: Destroy the wall carefully, then you can pass.

Level 16: Trap: Shoot the small box, then the floor. That's enough.

Level 17: Falling Portal: AKA Hoppi gets a headache.

Level 18: Deadly: You will make it if you time your shot appropiately.

Level 19: Precise Fall: Take it slow.

Level 20: Deadly Fall: This one will test your skills. It may take a few tries to not get Hoppi touching the fire in panic.